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Votes For Rhea Wedding Designs
Rhea Wedding Designs
Why choose between price and quality when Rhea Wedding Designs gives you both! A Scottish company based in Dumfriesshire, we supply wonderful and creative wedding stationery all over Britain. We also sell extremely beautiful Dress Boxes, Tiara Boxes, Keepsake Boxes, Traditional Photograph albums and...
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Here are the last 9 members voting for Rhea Wedding Designs:

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About victoriahales
I am a typical girlie girl from Beckenham in Kent. On 10th October 2008, my gorgeous boy made me the happiest girl on the planet by proposing on Hammamet Beach in Tunisia. It really was the best moment of my entire life. Truly magical. I wish I could bottle the feeling of love, happiness and excitement I felt when I read those letters written in the sand - 'Will You Marry Me?'

Mr Tim Hill is an incredible and amazing man. My soulmate and my one and only true love. My Prince Charming.

About donnakk
Hi, im 26 with 2 lovely little girls, kayla + kaci, ive been with Ryan for nearly 5 years, we are getting married on september 12th 2009, september 12th is the day we got together! I really cant wait to MRS GITTINS! Im a very loveing girl and i care about my family so much! I work with the elderly in there own homes which i really enjoy! Thats about it really! xx

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About lauraanddave
lauraanddave has not added any notes!

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About xrheax
xrheax has not added any notes!

About kirkychic
Mum of 3(two boys and a girl), self confessed chocoholic and general nut case and sane people scare me.

Motto : - Life is too short enjoy it as much as possible.

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About bigfatlondonwedding
bigfatlondonwedding has not added any notes!

About MrsTrott
MrsTrott has not added any notes!

About MrsGoldberg
Happy at last, living with Paul my husband to be Smiles, have my children living with us and pauls daughter comes to stay every 2nd weekend.
As if my life not busy enough with the children im a staff nurse working in the acute sector of Edinburgh Royal infirmary.
Happily planning the wedding in small steps and looking forward to the big day.

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About Seona
Speeding towards our first anniversary.

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